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A JQuery plugin for pagination with a slider
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Use this plugin with a unique element, don't forget the CSS page jPaginator.css.
Dependencies : jQuery 1.3.2+, jQuery UI Slider

New feature : Now you can reset the options with this snippet : $("#test1").trigger("reset",{nbPages:200,selectedPage:50})

Demo page :

Code sample :

  onPageClicked: function(a,num) {
      $("#page1").html("demo1 - page : "+num);

The HTML :

  <div id="test1">

      <!-- optional left control buttons-->
      <a id="test1_m_left"></a><div id="test1_o_left"></div>

      <div class='paginator_p_wrap'>
        <div class='paginator_p_bloc'>
          <!--<a class='paginator_p'></a> // page number : dynamically added -->

      <!-- optional right control buttons-->
      <div id="test1_o_right"></div><a id="test1_m_right"></a>

      <!-- slider -->
      <div class='paginator_slider' class='ui-slider ui-slider-horizontal ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-all'>
        <a class='ui-slider-handle ui-state-default ui-corner-all' href='#'></a>

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