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# If you don't have a PKGLIST: check out habs and regenerate it
git clone git://
scripts/extract-pkglist > PKGLIST

# Download the Hackage tarball
gunzip 00-index.tar.gz

# find inconsistencies
(cd scripts && ghc -o findconflicts findconflicts.hs -Wall -package archlinux -threaded)
scripts/findconflicts PKGLIST 00-index.tar +RTS -N4

# find updates
(cd scripts && ghc -o findupdates findupdates.hs -Wall -package archlinux -threaded)
scripts/findupdates PKGLIST 00-index.tar +RTS -N4

# Create chroots for building

# Create a new PKGBUILD tree
# TODO: implement setting pkgrel from PKGLIST in manycabal2arch
mkdir habs-new
manycabal2arch PKGLIST 00-index.tar habs-new &>! manycabal2arch.log

# Batch build it (use toposort from archlinux/tests)
# Packages go to chroot-$arch/repo