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package netlink
import (
type GenlMsghdr struct {
Command uint8
Version uint8
Reserved uint16
// Netlink messages are aligned to 4 bytes multiples
type GenericNetlinkMessage struct {
Header syscall.NlMsghdr // 16 bytes
GenHeader GenlMsghdr // 4 bytes
Data []byte
func (msg *GenericNetlinkMessage) toRawMsg() (rawmsg syscall.NetlinkMessage) {
rawmsg.Header = msg.Header
w := bytes.NewBuffer([]byte{})
binary.Write(w, SystemEndianness, msg.GenHeader)
rawmsg.Data = w.Bytes()
return rawmsg
func ParseGenlMessage(msg syscall.NetlinkMessage) (genmsg GenericNetlinkMessage, er error) {
genmsg.Header = msg.Header
buf := bytes.NewBuffer(msg.Data)
binary.Read(buf, SystemEndianness, &genmsg.GenHeader)
genmsg.Data = buf.Bytes()
return genmsg, nil
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