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Bibliography manager for mathematical research

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A bibliography manager for mathematicians.

This program is aimed at managing a collection of mathematical articles.
To use it, you should have a hierarchy of directories containing
.zb files with a copy of a ZentralBlatt entry (in ASCII format).

Fields arxiv, doi, and url can be added to the .zb file in order
to remember the arxiv identifier, the DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
or an URL where the document can be found: these fields allow the program
to give easy access to the file.

The new Zentralblatt 2010 syntax includes a li field which can be used
to hold links to electronic articles: it should contain tokens like
"doi:***" or "arxiv:***".

You should have PDF of DjVu files along with the .zb files: if GTK 2.14
or later is available, standard mechanisms will be used to select
an appropriate viewer, if not, xdg-open will be used, if available.

By calling
  mathkaba -d <path>
Mathkaba will explore the directory <path> in search of bibliography
entries and display them as a list. It also displays a tree representing
all MSC (Mathematical Subject Classification) tags appearing in the
.zb files, and allows selective display of articles matching a given


 * GTKMM 2.12 or later

 * GVFS to be able to open URIs
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