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Code from OSTEP chapter Introduction.

To compile, just type:

prompt> make

See the highly primitive Makefile for details.

Then, run them! Examples:

prompt> ./cpu A
prompt> ./mem 1
prompt> ./threads 10000
prompt> ./io


One issue with mem.c is that address space randomization is usually on by default. To turn it off:


From stackoverflow

Just compile/link as follows: gcc -o mem mem.c -Wall -Wl,-no_pie


From Giovanni Lagorio:

Under Linux you can disable ASLR, without using a debugger, in (at least) two ways:

  • Use the command setarch to run a process with ASLR disabled; I typically run bash, with which I can execute examples, like this: setarch $(uname --machine) --addr-no-randomize /bin/bash
  • Writing 0 into /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space; you need to be root to do this and this change has (a non-permament) effect on the whole system, which is something you probably don't want. I use this one only inside VMs.