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Download & Install Processing

Installing Processing Textmate Bundle

Install GetBundles

  1. $ cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles
  2. $ svn co

Install Processing Bundle

  1. Bundles > Get Bundles > Get Bundles
  2. Find the Processing Bundle, highlight and click "Install Bundles"

Fix Bundle Run Command

  1. Bundles > Bundle Editor > Show Bundles Editor
  2. Unfold the Processing Bundle
  3. Highlight "Run in Processing"
  4. Change instances of "Processing 0135" (or whatever number it has) to just "Processing"

The script for the "Run in Processing" command should now look like this code snippet

Reload Bundles

  1. Bundles > Bundle Editor > Reload Bundles

On OS X other Processing Preferences are located here:

/Users/username/Library/Processing/preferences.txt set editor.external to true

apple+r should now reload the Processing environment from TextMate


  • Projects must begin with a letter, project names can be alphanumeric, with underscores

Processing Folder Structure

Project_Name Folder Project_Name.pde Data Folder (fonts, images, sounds, etc.)

Processing Environment Info