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<p><strong>75 Canterbury Lane</strong>, Ridgefield, Connecticut</p>
<li>Situated on 3 private acres</li>
<li>Borders the Town of Ridgefield Golf Course</li>
<li>Across the street from Aquestrian Trails Horse Farm</li>
<li>8,500 sq. ft, expandable to 10,000 sq. ft </li>
<li>4 bedrooms each with private baths</li>
<li>Long distance westerly views over the golf course and beautiful sunsets</li>
<li>Highlights include: in-ground pool with outside bath and shower, Great Room with stone fireplace and coffered timber ceilings, home theater, wine cellar with tasting area, formal study, exercise room, outside terraces and porch with outdoor fireplace, aupair's apartment, and a gourmet kitchen.</li>
<li>Price Range 3.8 million</li>
<li>Currently under construction (picture is only a rendering)</li>
<p>Interested buyers please contact us at 203.431.9456 or 888.431.9456, serious inquiries only.</p>
<p>Feel free to contact us at: <a href="mailto:art&#105;">art&#105;</a></p>
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