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This release is primarily a JDK compatibility update, introducing support for JDK17. As a result, this version of the Renaissance suite supports JDK8, JDK11, and JDK17 on Linux, MacOS X, and Windows (on x86_64 architectures).

The changes in this release are minimal. The most important one (#297) just brings Scala 2.12 benchmarks to Scala 2.12.15, which now properly supports JDK17 and we just pass these improvements on. No benchmark code has been changed, only project documentation (#294) and parts of the harness responsible for plugin loading (#292, #293).

See also the release announcement.

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Apart from a number of internal cleanups, this release focuses on improving compatibility with modern platforms, and on moving away from Scala 2.11 and Spark 2 towards Scala 2.12, Scala 2.13, and Spark 3. Please see the release announcement for a high-level overview and more details.

The changes in this release are spread over more than 30 pull requests, some of which were fairly extensive. Because it is difficult to neatly attribute individual changes to individual PRs, we only list some of the more important PRs for reference.

Workload changes:

  • Update benchmarks to use Scala 2.12 or 2.13 (#242)
  • Clean up apache-spark benchmarks (#248)
  • Update scala-dotty to use scalap sources and do hash-based validation (#263)
  • Remove executor control a…
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Workload changes:

  • Avoid unnecessary I/O in page-rank (#197)
  • Avoid creating response handlers per request in finagle-http (#215)
  • Fix RDD caching issues and add checks in Spark workloads (#228)
  • Fix resource path issues in finagle-chirper on Windows (#222)
  • Fix classpath issues in dotty on Windows (#183)
  • Update the Neo4J benchmark (#224)

Harness changes:

  • Use single shot time mode in JMH wrappers (#185)
  • Hardcode locale to improve output stability (#198)
  • Force GC between iterations by default (#196)
  • Add hardware counter collection plugin (#195)
  • Add compilation time collection plugin (#218)
  • Support named benchmark configurations (#191)
  • Support benchmark parameters (#182)
  • Record benchmark failure in JSON (#178)
  • Record revision information in …
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The following changes are part of the Renaissance release 0.10.0 :

  • Introduced the scala-doku benchmark, a Sudoku solver written in Scala (#173 )
  • Increased parallelism of finagle-http (#149, #148 )
  • finagle-http and finagle-chirper bug fixes (#161, #164 )
  • Fixed parallelism of movie-lens and als to 4 executor threads to prevent contention (#145 )
  • Provide support for bundling a JMH jar (#120 )
  • Support of JDK8 and JDK11 (#73, #127 )
  • Support PowerPC infrastructure (#153 )