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Lightweight spreadsheet editor for the web, to easily let your users import their data from excel.

  • Lightweight Size badge
  • Mobile friendly
  • Copy / paste
  • MIT License


Install with npm i importabular

Then create an instance like this

import Importabular from 'importabular'
const sheet=new Importabular({

Get the current data as a 2D array


Set the current data from a 2D array

sheet.setData([['Content of A1','of A2','A3'], ['B1','B2','etc.']])

Destroy it to remove event listeners



This is a minimalist library that does very little :

  • The API is quite young and subject to changes in later version. It's now getting closer to v1
  • No virtual rendering, we use a simple size, this has the advantage of automatic column and rows sizing
  • No sorting, pivot, formula, etc ..
  • Only basic keyboard shortcuts
  • Only strings as data type
  • Only for recent browsers
  • No "drag cell corner to duplicate value"
  • Support of right click / copy is there, but not cur or paste via mouse. The keyboard shortcut should work though

More info

I've created this lib because I was tired of having to remove 90% of the features offered by the very few open source libs for web spreadsheets.

So for this reinventing the wheel to make sense, I should not add any extra features to this core. The lib is fresh and not battle tested, so probably has some bugs. Feel free to create an issue if you find a clear bug, or submit a PR.

The source is still quite tiny (600 lines of code) so you shouldn't have too hard of a time modifying it to fit your needs.


Table of Contents


Spreadsheet component


  • options Object
    • Array Initial data of the table, ie [['A1','A2'],['B1','B2']] (optional, default [])
    • options.node Node Dom node to create the table into (optional, default null)
    • options.onChange Node Callback to run whenever the data has changed, receives the new data as an argument. (optional, default null)
    • options.minRows Number Minimum number of rows. (optional, default 1)
    • options.maxRows Number Maximum number of rows, the table will not grow vertically beyond this. (optional, default Infinity)
    • options.minCols Number Minimum number of columns. (optional, default 1)
    • options.maxCols Number Maximum number of columns, the table will not grow horizontally beyond this. (optional, default Infinity)
    • options.css String Css code to add inside the iframe. (optional, default "")
    • options.width Object Width of the iframe that will contain the table. (optional, default "100%")
    • options.height Object Height of the iframe that will contain the table. (optional, default "80vh")


Destroys the table, and clears even listeners


Replace the current data with the provided 2D array.

  • data [[String]] the new data, as a 2D array.


Returns the current data as a 2D array

Returns [[String]] data the latest data as a 2D array.

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