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Android OCR App

available in the play store


  • convert images to pdf
  • recognize text in images
  • basic document management
  • delete
  • edit
  • merge multiple documents into one
  • view table of content

Project Structure

  • app contains the android app code
  • app/libs/hocr2pdf contains c++ code to create pdf files
  • app/libs/image_processing contains image processing code (binarization and page segmentation)
    • can be compiled to a command line executable main.cpp
    • app/libs/image_processing/CppTestProject contains an XCode project to debug and test the image processing code on desktop
  • app/libs/leptonica, app/libs/libjpeg, app/libs/libpng-android, app/libs/hocr2pdf and app/libs/tesseract are external dependencies that where added to the sources directly either because they were modified or they are not available as git repos.

Building with gradle

make sure that you have got the android sdk as well as ndk installed

  • git clone
  • cd textfairy
  • ./gradlew app:assembleDevelopDebug