Ethernet ENC28J60 Library for Arduino
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Ethernet ENC28J60 Library for Arduino

  • New REV 3.1! (Already commited to master branch!)
  • New code by Renato Aloi, based on Howard Schlundler AN833's TCPStack work, from Microchip plataform. This new version is taking total advantage over ENC28J60's internal 8K Dual RAM!
  • NO MORE string buffers consuming Arduino RAM!

May 2015 REV 3.1

  • SKA made new code for POST treatment
  • New example with SDCard made by SKA
  • ENC28J60' 8K Dual RAM final implementation by Renato Aloi
  • New example for HelloWorld with low RAM usage
  • New example based on SKA work for WebServer

REV 3 - New version! Now using Enc28CoreLib! For now, see new version at enc28coremerge branch! New Commit with HTTP POST implemented! I will update comments and docs later!

REV 2 - EtherEncLib is a new implementation for ENC28J60 Stand-Alone Ethernet Controller with SPI Interface. Original implementation for this code was made by Guido Socher based on enc28j60.c file from the AVRLib library by Pascal Stang; and finally modified by Renato Aloi.

Documentation @ Wiki

Thanks all for contribuing, special thanks to SKA for his POST treatment and SPI workout!

by Renato Aloi

May 2015