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A log viewer capable of reading large files without a performance hit.

It is written in JavaFX so it can run in any Operating System.


  • extremely fast to open and navigate large files.
  • tail file(s) with option to pause at any time.
  • go to date-time in any log file (or all opened files).
  • highlight text using regular expressions rules.
  • filter content based on highlight expressions.
  • highly customizable look via JavaFX CSS (refreshes instantly).
  • keyboard friendly (shortcuts for everything).

Getting LogFX

To get LogFX:

  • click on the Download button near the top of this page, then open the Files tab, choose the logfx-x.x-all.jar file... notice the all qualifier...


  • download the jar from the command-line:
curl -sSfL -o logfx.jar

Size of the jar as of version 0.6.1: 289 KB. Not MB!

UPDATE: Version 0.9.0's jar size: 320KB.

Running LogFX

Java 8+ is required to run LogFX

Run it with:

java -jar logfx.jar

If you don't want it to use the default hundreds of MB of RAM, ask java to use at most 50MB and it will run fine:

java -Xmx50m -jar logfx.jar


See screenshots in the Wiki.

System properties

LogFX allows customizing certain behaviours using system properties.

The following properties are currently recognized at startup:

  • logfx.home - home directory (~/.logfx/) by default.
  • logfx.stylesheet.file - custom stylesheet file location.
  • logfx.stylesheet.norefresh - set this to any value to stop LogFX from watching the custom stylesheet file.
  • - where to send LogFX's own log (file|sysout|syserr).
  • logfx.log.level - log level for LogFX's own log (trace|debug|info|warn|error).

To specify a different home for LogFX (say, /temp/logfx), for example, start LogFX with this command:

java -Dlogfx.home=/temp/logfx -jar logfx.jar

This allows you to store several different LogFX customizations in the same machine.

Specifying a custom stylesheet

Notice that the logfx.stylesheet.file allows you to specify your own stylesheet to customize the looks of LogFX.

The default stylesheet can be found at src/main/resources/css/LogFX.css.

The most interesting element is the .root, which lets you set the theme-colour as well as the UI icons' colours:

.root {
    -fx-base: #1d1d1d;
    -icons-color: rgb(61, 114, 144);

You can also increase the padding between log lines, as another example:

.log-line {
    -fx-padding: 2, 5, 2, 5;

To see some possibilities, check the Screenshots in the Wiki.


LogFX is a simple Log reader supporting color highlighting and able to handle giant files.





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