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Creatine is a JS library that powers up the CreateJS suite for game development.
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Creatine is a power-up to the CreateJS libraries, providing data structures and algorithms for game development. You will see here:

  • Scene management - with scene stacks based on Cocos2D Director
  • Scene transitions - you can also create new transitions
  • Input handling - keyboard, mouse, touch and gamepads
  • Resources and Factories - facilitates the access to PreloadJS
  • Sound handling - facilitates the access to SoundJS
  • Storage helper - easy use of localStorage
  • Plugins - create and install plugins that work together with the engine
  • Particles - a fast particle system for canvas
  • Tile Maps - total integration with Tiled, supporting all map projections

Feel free to use, modify, improve, make additions and suggestions.

Some important links:

Note on Creatine 1.0.0

For creatine 1.0.0 and next releases, I'm trying to keep things more data-driven. So it can be easily extended by a visual editor or other 3th-party editors.

See also

You may be interested in some other libraries to work together with creatine:

You may see in future

  • WebGL support
  • GUI elements and better layout systme
  • Integrated physics
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