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Version 1.0.0
A major change in creatine structure, thus this version has several
incompatibilities with the previous ones.
- change: mostly helpers are now renamed to *Managers.
- change: overall directory structure.
- change: sizers and display objects were moved to legacy.
- change: sound manager now is persistent, using storage manager.
- change: system is now part of scene management.
- add: new game object grouping all other objects.
- add: input managers to keyboard, mouse, gamepad and touch.
- add: plugins system.
- add: particle system.
- add: new resource and factory managers;
- add: new functions.
- add: a template folder that replaces the createjs-boilerplate repository
- fix: transitions work properly now.
- they reset the scene properties after the animation;
- they move up or down the scene depending on the animation;
- all effects can be used to replace, push or pop;
- a transitions can be while executing other transition;
- rem: entity-component were removed.
Version 0.2.0 [Dec 19, 2014]
- change: architecture following the new CreateJS system (issue #17).
- change: source files organized into folders (issue #7).
- add: entity-component-system (issue #4).
- add: a jukebox system.
- add: a storage helper to handle localStorage.
- add: time maps, requiring the next version of EaselJS (issue #5).
- add: sizers now consider the children scale on transition (issue #12).
- add: sizers now consider the children registration point (issue #13).
- fix: minor fixes on flex bitmap (issue #14).
- fix: Scroll transition doesn't setting the inScene position (issue #2).
- fix: MoveOut transition doesn't setting the inScene position (issue #8).
- fix: ScaleOut transition doesn't setting the inScene scale (issue #10).
- fix: FadeOut transition doesn't setting the inScene alpha (issue #16).
- fix: ScaleIn wrong parameter removed (issue #9).
- fix: ScaleOut wrong parameter removed (issue #10).
- fix: ScaleInOut wrong parameter removed (issue #11).
Version 0.1.0 [Jul 15, 2014]
- initial release.