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Adding README for my redtamarin code changes

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+Author: Renaun Erickson
+The ServerSocket code has some dependencies. The main one being libev.
+On mac I had trouble installing it correctly but this link helped me install
+it -
+There are a lot of extra steps of integrating new classes and code into the
+redtamarin build process. Some of which are OS specific, because of this I
+do not have a good guide of how to get this up and running.
+I will point out some things you will have to do. You will have to add "ev" to the
+shell_STATIC_LIBRARIES property in the tamarin/src/shell/ file. You will
+ need to add the ServerSocket class to the components.xml if you want to build out a swc.
+You will need to add extensions/ to the classes that get compiled in
+the taramin/shell/ Most of these steps are the same for adding new
+classes to redtamarin and you should refer to that documentation.
+I do have a snapshot of a working test version if you just want to grab my source snapshot
+that includes redtamarin and my changes. Its at
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