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Cross platform application for viewing Caltrain train schedule.
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Source code for the Caltrain Times application.

More info about the application can be found here:

The Flash Builder project files are not included because of 
certain references it makes to my local machine. You will
want to create a Flex Mobile project with Flash Builder 4.5.1.

License is a Creative Commons (see LICENSE file for details):
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States

Note: I can't include the fonts with this project. But
I did provide a fonts.swc that provide most of the fonts
for you try at least try and compile the project.

If you have the fonts listed in style.css then just put them into
the /src/assets/fonts/ folder.

If you do not, then change style.css to style_fonts_in_swc.css and
uncomment the Font code in file.
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