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2010-12-04 Initial code commit for QMXML library and examples.
1 Author: Renaun Erickson
3 Projects:
4 QMXML - Extended QNX Container class to allow QNX UI to work with MXML (Flex and non-Flex)
6 FlexAndQNX - Flash Builder 4 Flex AIR project showcasing how to use QNX in Flex app with MXML.
7 NonFlexMXMLUsingQNX - Flash Builder 4 AIR project using MXML and QNX but not Flex components.
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2011-01-15 Added Image class with source property and updated to SDK 0.9.2
9 Dependencies:
10 BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK 0.9.1 Beta 2
11 Flex 4.1 or higher
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2010-12-04 Initial code commit for QMXML library and examples.
13 Description:
14 These classes are "as is". They are not complete but work for the basic use case. They may
15 or may not be developed further. They are meant to show what could work and there is plenty
16 of stuff might have issues. Having said that... what is this?
18 QNX UI Components are the UI components used in the BlackBerry Tablet OS which runs on the
19 PlayBook tablet. The QNX components is a AS3 component library. I extended QNX Container class
20 to allow for usage in MXML. MXML is not Flex, you can use MXML with no Flex components. That is
21 what I did here. I made the QApplication and QContainer to be used in MXML for both non-Flex apps
22 and Flex apps.
24 The examples both reference the QMXML.swc.
26 Here is a simple Non-Flex QNX UI app with one button:
27 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
28 <r:QApplication xmlns:r=""
29 xmlns:fx=""
30 xmlns:buttons="qnx.ui.buttons.*">
31 <buttons:Button />
32 </r:QApplication>
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