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A modern and simple theme for Hexo.

Author Version Hexo Repo Size


English | 简体中文

This theme is transplanted from imhanjie/gridea-theme-pure and has been approved by the original author.



Install via GitHub

You need to switch to the directory where the site is located before performing the following operations.

npm install hexo-renderer-ejs hexo-renderer-less --save
git clone themes/pure

Install via NPM

npm install hexo-theme-pure --save
# or use yarn: yard add hexo-theme-pure


  • favicon: Site logo displayed in browser tabs and bookmarks. (String, default: /favicon.ico)
  • avatar: Site logo displayed on the header. (String, default: /favicon.png)
  • katex: Whether to load KaTeX CSS. (Boolean, default: false)
  • force_https: Mandatory HTTPS. (Boolean, default: false)
  • check_update: Check update before exit. (Boolean, default: false)
  • menus (Array)
    • name: The name displayed on the navigation bar. (String)
    • link: The link of the page to jump to. (String)
    • target: The target of the link. (String, _self or _blank, default: _self)
  • post: Post settings
    • feature: display post image in post list (needs to set feature in post, Boolean, default: true)
  • disqus: DisqusJS Settings
    • enable: Whether to enable DisqusJS. (Boolean, default: false)
    • shortname: The shortname of the Disqus site.
    • api: Your disqus api.
    • apikey: Your disqus api key.
    • admin: Your disqus username.
  • gitalk: Gitalk Settings
    • enable: Whether to enable Gitalk. (Boolean, default: false)
    • clientId: Your GitHub oauth app client id
    • clientSecret: Your GitHub oauth app client secret
    • repository: Your GitHub comment repository
    • owner: Your GitHub username
  • web_analytics: Web Analytics Settings
    • enable: Whether to enable Web Analytics. (Boolean, default: false)
    • google: Google Analytics tracker id.
    • baidu: Baidu Analytics id.
  • footer: The content displayed in the footer.
  • friends: Friends (Array)
    • name: The name displayed on the friends list.
    • link: The link of the page to jump to.
    • logo: The logo displayed on the friends list.


Code highlight Settings

The theme has built-in highlight style of highlightjs. Please do not enable line_number and wrap because this theme does not support them.

Here is a configuration example:

  enable: true
  auto_detect: true
  line_number: false  # This value must be `false`
  wrap: false         # This value must be `false`
  tab_replace: '    ' # 4 spaces
  hljs: true          # This value must be `true`
  enable: false

KaTeX Settings

It is recommended to use hexo-renderer-markdown-it to render Markdown and install @neilsustc/markdown-it-katex to render mathematical formulas.

npm uninstall hexo-renderer-marked --save
npm install hexo-renderer-markdown-it @neilsustc/markdown-it-katex --save

Here is a configuration example:

# Markdown-it config
## Docs:
    html: true
    xhtmlOut: false
    breaks: true
    linkify: true
    typographer: true
    - '@neilsustc/markdown-it-katex'
    level: 2
    collisionSuffix: 't'
    permalink: false
    permalinkClass: header-anchor
    permalinkSymbol: ''

DisqusJS Settings

You must Register a Disqus Application before using DisqusJS.


hexo-theme-pure © Baoshuo, Released under the GPL-3.0 License.
Authored and maintained by Baoshuo with help from contributors.

Personal Website · Blog · GitHub @renbaoshuo · Twitter @renbaoshuo