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A vintage Mac number pad converted to use USB connection with an Arduino
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Conversion of a ADB Number Keypad into a USB compatible Arduino Pro Micro build.

Creates a Keypad matrix of 22 keys, used with a Arduino Pro Micro (leonardo)
Features two LEDs, LED #1 Indicates default (OFF) or secondary (ON) modes, LED#2 pulses
Default key presses are mostly stock functionality
Clear has been changed to F11 (Mac Show Desktop Hotkey)

Hold Num Lock key for secondary mode
Secondary Mode:
=, /, * changes to CUT, COPY, PASTE
+, - changes to Vol Up/Down
7, 8, 9 - changes to F13, F14, F15
4, 5, 6 - changes to F16, F17, F18
1, 2, 3 - Pg Up, Dwn, Pg Dwn
0, . - Ctrl+Up, F19

Here's a visual breakdown of how the keys are laid out

numpad reference


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