This is a chrome extension that hides those 'so-and-so liked this' tweets that completely messes with your carefully curated feed.
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Twitter 'Likes' Hider


While you can block, mute and mute retweets, on occasion Twitter will show you what someone you follow 'likes' or 'follows', and there is no way to mute that. This extension will hide those 'like' and 'follow' tweets, and let you toggle them on and off.


Are you on Twitter, but need to ensure that no wrongthink invades your echo chamber? Want to seal your filter bubble even tighter? Got all the idiots blocked, the dummies muted, and problematic retweets banned from your feed?

There is yet one more crack in your Twitter dam: sometimes, annoyingly, Twitter will show you what other people in your newsfeed 'like'. Who cares? You do! There you are, deep in harmonious clicktrance, seeing only ideas that make you happy, and then suddenly, Twitter shows you the 'like' of some misguided follower, and now your harmony is ruined as you spend the next several hours arguing with strangers on the internet. There is no way to block this either!

Until now.

Twitter 'Likes' Hider prevents that unhappy occurrence. Install it and be bothered no more with the likes and preferences of stupid, crazy and bad people!

Note that Twitter 'Likes' Hider works only on your main Twitter feed. If you visit a profile and see something horrible that they like, well, you have only yourself to blame, don't you.


Simply install the extension on Chrome via the Web Store link below, or download / clone the source code into a local directory, and then follow these instructions from Google to install it on your browser as a developer.

On the Chrome Web Store:


After installing, the Twitter 'Likes' Hider icon will be visible to the right of your Chrome address bar. It will be active when visiting Twitter, and grayed out while visiting any other website.

Clicking on the icon while active will toggle the view of the 'liked' tweets from hidden to visible and back again.

To see how many tweets are hidden, hover your cursor over the icon. If it has hidden any tweets, it will tell you how many. Or it will display:

  • Twitter 'Likes' Hider: means no 'like' tweets have been found in your feed, yet.
  • Showing all likes: the extension has been toggled to show 'liked' tweets. Click the icon to hide them.

Privacy Policy

The creator of Twitter 'Likes' Hider has zero interest in tracking you. Your privacy is sacrosanct. No data will be kept, tracked, transferred, sold, traded, nor even coveted in any respect, from now until the end of time.

Have a comment? Question? Feature request?

My preference is that you create an issue ticket on Github, here: Just click the 'New issue' button and type away.