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Getting render-cli

The easy way: getting releases

You can download a platform-specific build of render-cli from the releases page.

The easy way for OSX users: homebrew

brew tap render-oss/render
brew install render

See render-oss/homebrew-render for more details.

The less-easy-but-still-easy way: getting builds from main

If you head to GitHub Actions and click a passing build, you can download the latest artifacts at the bottom of the page.

The moderately difficult way: pull the repo

This is necessary to run render-cli on platforms not supported by deno compile, such as Linux arm64.

You can also clone this repository (fork it first, if you want!) and run the application from the repo itself. Something like this will get you sorted:

git clone
cd render-cli
make deps

# 'deno task run' replaces 'render' in executable invocations
deno task run --help

To build a local binary, run make build-local. It will emit a platform-correct binary on supported platforms and write it to ./bin/render.

Using render-cli

render-cli attempts to be a friendly and explorable command-line tool. For any command or subcommand under render, you can pass --help for detailed information on how it works.

You'll want to get started by building a config file. The magic words for this are render config init, and it'll walk you through getting set up.

Is something hard to use, unpleasant to use, or unclear? Please let us know! As the CLI is an open-source project, we try to work in the open as much as possible; please check the issues and file a new one if appropriate!

Shell completions

render-cli supports completions for bash, zsh, and fish. Once installed, type render completions --help for details.

Environment variables

  • RENDERCLI_CONFIG_FILE: the path to a render-cli configuration file. If this file does not exist, render-cli will not halt (but the application may fail due to missing configuration).
  • RENDERCLI_PROFILE: selects a profile from the Render configuration. Is overridden by the --profile option. Defaults to default if neither is set.
  • RENDERCLI_REGION: selects a region. Is overridden by the --region option. Defaults to your selected profile's defaultRegion if neither is set, and oregon if your profile lacks a defaultRegion.
  • RENDERCLI_APIKEY: provides an API key for use with the Render CLI. Overrides the value in your selected profile. Has no default; operations that require API access will fail if this is unset and the current profile does not have an API key.