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Makers of @semaphoreci


  1. cli Public

    Semaphore Classic Command Line Interface

    Ruby 15 5

  2. render_async lets you include pages asynchronously with AJAX

    Ruby 1k 72

  3. tackle Public

    💯 percent reliable microservice communication

    Ruby 46 3

  4. wormhole Public

    Captures anything that is emitted from the callback - Elixir library repo

    Elixir 37 9

  5. base-app Public

    An app to help jumpstart a new Rails 4 app. Features Ruby 2.0, PostgreSQL, jQuery, RSpec, Cucumber, user and admin system built with Devise, Facebook login.

    Ruby 125 68

  6. admin_view Public

    Rails 4 generator of CRUD admin interfaces for existing models.

    Ruby 118 21


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