An app to help jumpstart a new Rails 4 app. Features Ruby 2.0, PostgreSQL, jQuery, RSpec, Cucumber, user and admin system built with Devise, Facebook login.
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A base Rails 4 application. Features user and admin system with Facebook login. It is instadeployable to Heroku.

The view is implemented using Bootstrap 3.

Here's a live demo. Just note that environment variables for Facebook login are not set so logging in that way will not work.


For testing and development:

Setting up

  • Make sure you have Ruby 2.0.0.
  • Install dependencies from Gemfile: bundle install --path .bundle.
  • Create your config/database.yml, create the database and run the migrations.
  • For Facebook login to work, export environment variables FACEBOOK_APP_ID and FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET.
  • When creating a new app from this one, you will want to change config/initializers/secret_token.rb and set DEVISE_SECRET_KEY (see config/initializers/devise.rb).


base-app is Copyright © 2011-2014 Rendered Text. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.