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Semaphore Docs

Semaphore Docs, powered by Middleman and Amazon S3.

Build Status


Clone the repo and install all necessary gems with

$ git clone
$ cd semaphore-docs-new
$ bundle install
$ cp data/credentials.yml.example data/credentials.yml

For writing new articles or making updates, feel free to leave dummy credentials in data/credentials.yml.


Pages are stored in source/docs/.

To view the blog locally run:


which actually runs

$ bundle exec middleman server --port 5000

Now you can open http://localhost:5000/docs.

To include a sign up link within a page, make sure the file extension is .md.erb and use the following method:

[sign up for a free Semaphore account](<%= sign_up_path_with_referer %>)


If you can't install nokogiri dependency on Mac OS, make sure to run in terminal:

xcode-select --install

After xcode-select is finished installing, nokogiri should be able to install.


Categories will be automatically grabbed from the post heading:

layout: post
title: Custom database.yml
category: Ruby

If the page /docs/ruby.html exists, user will be able to reach it from the post breadcrumbs. If the page doesn't exist, a page with the list of all posts in the category will be automatically generated and displayed.

Embedding images

All images must be in the PNG file format, and processed using ImageOptim. If you do not have access to an OS X machine, please notify us in the pull request, and we'll make sure to run them through ImageOptim.

Give all images appropriate alt text, as well as the following CSS classes:

<img src="/docs/assets/img/2012-06-14/semaphore-homepage.png" alt="Semaphore Homepage" class="img-responsive img-bordered">

Escaping ERB

You must escape ERB code snippets in files with .erb extension (via):

<%%= foo %>


for Rendered Text people

Simply run


which does bundle exec middleman build and uploads the content to an S3 bucket using the AWS CLI. It requires a valid ~/.aws configuration.


All sensitive credentials are stored in data/credentials.yml check data/credentials.yml.example for more info about format of file.

Importing content from Semaphore Blog

If you turn a blog post into a Semaphore Docs page you should include the canonical url in the post meta data. For more info, visit the Semaphore Blog guidelines.

Updating APIv2 docs

To update the API v2 docs that are generated from the API specification file, you need to update the specification file in the root of the repo:

For example, to fetch and use the API spec release '2.8.1' use the following snippet in the root of the project:

wget '' -O api_v2_specification.json

To list all available API specs releases, visit


We use tags in YML frontmatter to render topic-specific content or tracking code. Currently only ruby tag is in use.

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