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Documentation site for Semaphore.
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Semaphore Docs

Semaphore Docs, powered by Middleman and Amazon S3.


Clone the repo and install all necessary gems with

$ git clone
$ cd semaphore-docs-new
$ bundle install --path .bundle
$ cp data/credentials.yml.example data/credentials.yml

For writing new articles or making updates, feel free to leave dummy credentials in data/credentials.yml.


Pages are stored in source/docs/.

To view the blog locally run:


which actually runs

$ bundle exec middleman -p 4000

Now you can open http://localhost:4000/docs.


Categories will be automatically grabbed from the post heading:

layout: post
title: Custom database.yml
category: Ruby

If the page /docs/ruby.html exists, user will be able to reach it from the post breadcrumbs. If the page doesn't exist, a page with the list of all posts in the category will be automatically generated and displayed.

Embedding images

<img src="/docs/assets/img/2012-06-14/semaphore-homepage.png" class="img-responsive" />

Escaping Erb

You must escape Erb code snippets in files with `.erb` extension ([via](

<%%= foo %>


for Rendered Text people

Simply run


which does bundle exec middleman build and uploads the content to an S3 bucket using the AWS CLI. It requires a valid ~/.aws configuration.


All sensitive credentials are stored in data/credentials.yml check data/credentials.yml.example for more info about format of file.

Importing content from Semaphore Blog

If you turn a blog post into a Semaphore Docs page you should include the canonical url in the post meta data. For more info, visit the Semaphore Blog guidelines.

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