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title: C/C++ Continuous Integration
alias: docs/c.html
category: Languages
You can test and integrate C/C++ programs on Semaphore using the preinstalled
build tools such as gcc, g++ and Make. You can also leverage
[caching between builds](/docs/caching-between-builds.html) by copying relevant
assets to the `.semaphore-cache` directory.
The Semaphore stack includes the following GCC/G++ versions:
<% package_versions("gcc").each do |version| %>
- <%= version %>
<% end %>
To switch between the available GCC/G++ versions, use the `change-gcc-version <version>` command (eg.
`change-gcc-version 4.9`).
The list of all supported packages and versions is available on the
[supported application stack](/docs/supported-stack.html) page.