A Docker image for using the dotnet CLI and CoreRT on any Linux
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A Docker image for using the dotnet CLI and CoreRT on any(?) Linux


  1. Copy the docknet script to somewhere on your path (and make sure it's executable).
  2. Create a directory (on the host) for your app and cd into it.
  3. Use docknet instead of dotnet.

Why is this?

Right now, CoreRT and the .NET CLI only work on a limited range of Linux distros. I tried running an Ubuntu 14.04 as my main OS for a week and it was awful, so I went back to Manjaro, but I still want to play with .NET Core. This combination of a Docker image based on ubuntu:trusty with dotnet-nightly installed, and a little shell script that runs the container mounting the relevant directories from your host machine into it so all the files produced are on your machine, and not in the Docker container.

Is it finished?

It works, but I'm sure it could use some enhancements, so feel free to send me PRs if you see anything that could be improved.

How often is it updated?

There's a Zapier scheduled webhook set up to build a new image every day at 3am, and it will pick up the latest dotnet-nightly every time that runs, so you might want to docker pull rendlelabs/docknet regularly.