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Create a graphical representation of a collection of binary relationships (a graph).
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Graph Illustrator

Graph Illustrator is program to draw graphs (as in Graph Theory) interactively, lightweight and easy to use.

Problems involving graphs are much more easy to understand with a graphical representation. I developed this tool mostly for my self, but I think it can be helpful to others too.


  • Draw edges and vertices using the mouse.
  • Custom colors for labels, background and borders.
  • Own JSON based file format to save your drawings.
  • Dragging of vertices using the mouse.
  • Export to SVG.
  • Zoom.
  • Other features.

SGI Format

Two formats are supported, GI (Graph Illustrator) and SGI (Simple Graph Illustrator), the latter is supported for convenience, many problems in competitive programming represent a graph in the form <from> <to> [weight], for example:

0 1 5
1 2 1
3 1 8
0 3 7
4 0 9

Save this in a file with extension .sgi and this is the result:


Vertices' positions are set randomly. For anything else use the GI format.

GI Format

This format uses JSON to represent the graph and all the necessary properties, is the recommended.

Example 0

Example 0

This is how a grah in GI format looks like:

    "Graph": {
        "Edges": [
                "backEdge": false,
                "center": {
                    "x": -2.29741,
                    "y": 1.666831
                "directed": true,
                "end": 2,
                "foregroundColor": "0x000000ff",
                "highlighted": false,
                "label": "from a to b",
                "start": 1,
                "strokeColor": "0x000000ff"
        "Vertices": [
                "backgroundColor": "0xffffffff",
                "borderColor": "0x000000ff",
                "center": {
                    "x": -10.31746,
                    "y": 1.211362
                "foregroundColor": "0x000000ff",
                "key": 1,
                "label": "a",
                "labelAlignment": "left",
                "radius": 1.428791
                "backgroundColor": "0xffffffff",
                "borderColor": "0x000000ff",
                "center": {
                    "x": 5.72264,
                    "y": 1.12782
                "foregroundColor": "0x000000ff",
                "key": 2,
                "label": "b",
                "labelAlignment": "left",
                "radius": 1.428791

Example 1

Example 1


Example 2

Example 2 Source

Example 3

Example 3 Source

Contributions and Bug reports

Contributions are welcome.

Bugs? For sure. Please report any bug you find, create an issue.

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