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This book is the work of many contributors. They are listed below.

Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan is a prolific contributor to the Rakudo compiler. He is primarily responsible for the implementation of Rakudo's object system.

Patrick R. Michaud

Patrick is the chief architect of Rakudo, the Parrot-based Perl 6 compiler.

Carl Mäsak

Carl builds applications using Rakudo. He has submitted over 500 Rakudo- related bug tickets. Sometimes he actually fixes things, too.

Moritz Lenz

Moritz tends the Perl 6 test suite, uses and develops Rakudo and blogs about anything related to Perl 6.

Jonathan Scott Duff (Scott)

Scott occasionally tries to write things in Perl 6, but mostly hangs out on on the #perl6 channel and discusses anything that piques his interest relating to Perl 6 or its development.


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