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Outline - what to explain in which chapter


we need some kind of plan where we want to put what. Here's a very rough plan, feel free to adapt and improve.


Chapter 1 - the basics

Lexical conventions, literals, variables, scalars, arrays, hashes, basic operators, method and function calls, control flow.

(Add more basics here if you need them in later chapters).

(How can we make that chapter non-boring? keeping it short?)

TODO: more about arrays, hashes, built-in functions and methods, operators, list quoting

Chapter 2 - Operators, meta operators

Done: Operators

TODO: list some common operators. Meta-operators

Chapter 3 - Subs and signatures,

Chapter 4 - multis

Typed based multi dispatch, narrowness, constraints, multiple arguments

Chapter 5 - Objects and classed

classes, attributes, methods, construction


inheritance, BUILD submethods

Chapter 6 - Regexes

Literals, quantifiers, captures, anchors, look-arounds, backtracking control, match objects



Chapter 7 - Grammars

Subrules, recursion, inheritance, reduction methods

TODO: detailed explanation of the JSON reduction methods

Chapter 8 - Roles

Conjectural: chapter ideas

Other suggestions:

database interface
web programming
extending the language (traits, meta-programming)