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Changes file for OPAR
0.71 25 March 2011
* Search found only the oldest version of a package, now it finds the newest version
0.7 21 March 2011
* authors can set maintainers for packages that contains dashes in its name
* sort possible co-maintainers by username
* validate OPM file with XML schema
* under some circumstances the code analyzer produced false negatives in the dependencies checks. this is fixed now.
* Fix links to the pages in search result
* CSS fixes for Webkit (thanks to Martin Balzarek from c.a.p.e IT)
* Code cleanup to remove Database stuff in web modules
0.6 16 March 2011
* Be more flexible with package names: Do not require a version number with major.minor.patch scheme.
* Allow spaces and dashes in package names
* Allow dashes in package names (e.g. /dist/Name-With-Dashes)
* Show a button on index page to get to the real portal
* Added stub for FAQ
0.5 8 March 2011
Initial release to the wild.