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In the CHI Mobi ebook I got from perlybook, there are many strings which seem like they ought to be links but are probably still in pod format, as such (I'm no expert on POD):


This pattern occurs in many places.


Thanks for reporting.

An example found in the book:

Keys over this size will be digested|key_digester. The default is driver-specific; CHI::Driver::File|File, for example, defaults this to 240 due to file system limits. For most drivers there is no maximum.

I will have a look on that.


Does not appear in EPUB, so it is probably an issue of EBook::MOBI


Tanks @mgatto for telling us this issue.
EBook::MOBI did not handle "enhanced" use of the L<> tag in POD - so this was the cause.

I added some support for it in commit 6a776af1d1ac920f796ae9c44f1eec7a8471cfe0.
See borisdaeppen/EBook--MOBI@6a776af for details.

The testcases show how it behaves now:

$pod_input{inline_links} = <<'HEREDOC';
=head1 Inline Links

Link 1 L<Module>

Link 2 L<Module/Chapter>

Link 3 L<Name|Module>

Link 4 L<Name|Module/Chapter>

Link 5 L<Name|/Chapter>

Link 6 L</Chapter>

Link 7 L<http://perl.org>

Link 8 L<perl.org>

Link 9 L<Perl|http://perl.org>

Link 10 L<Perl|perl.org>


$html_out{inline_links} = <<'HEREDOC';
<h1>Inline Links</h1>
<p>Link 1 <a href='https://metacpan.org/module/Module'>Module</a></p>
<p>Link 2 <a href='https://metacpan.org/module/Module#Chapter'>Module/Chapter</a></p>
<p>Link 3 <a href='https://metacpan.org/module/Module'>Name</a></p>
<p>Link 4 <a href='https://metacpan.org/module/Module#Chapter'>Name</a></p>
<p>Link 5 Name (Chapter)</p>
<p>Link 6 "Chapter"</p>
<p>Link 7 <a href='http://perl.org'>http://perl.org</a></p>
<p>Link 8 <a href='perl.org'>perl.org</a></p>
<p>Link 9 <a href='http://perl.org'>Perl</a></p>
<p>Link 10 <a href='perl.org'>Perl</a></p>

I'm sure this is not yet perfect but it is much better as before...

As soon as EBook-MOBI-0.45 is spread on CPAN I'll install it on perlybook.org


That's great! Thanks.

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