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Allow a Jomsocial profile to be shown anywhere on a Joomla site
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Allow a Jomsocial profile to be shown anywhere on a Joomla site.

/* ------------------------------------- Bugs -------------------------------------- */

  • Product link doesn't work if poduct doesn't have images

/* ------------------------------------ To Do --------------------------------------*/

  • Show link to relevant episodes

/* ------------------------------------- Wishlist --------------------------------------- */

  • Include the product price?
  • get any episodes of the show that the user was in
  • get the user information based on a custom field in k2
  • get the user information based on a custom field in VM
  • allow module class suffix to be added from backend
  • dyanamic title based on which component is displaying the module e.g. Created by, Artwork of, etc.
  • show the latest product -- a random product -- specific product from the shop
  • make the module float as the user scrolls -- make the float have a little bit of animation up in there
  • style it so it looks good
  • make the manufacturer page show a horizontal option of this module, but also make it appear in the modal box in the product Extra
  • get the thumbnail of the episode
  • get user's listings from the gallery
  • get users status
  • get users website
  • make location clickable
  • get user's online status
  • include events the user is going to
  • include events the user is owner of
  • display as vertical or horizontal
  • possible to automatically get episode info?

/* -------------------------------------- Changelog ---------------------------------------- */ 2012-08-20

hiding output of episode links

Moved to Github

Added this readme


  • added config to show/hide latest products
  • If only one item exists, then don't show featured
  • If featured item and latest item have the same title then don't show featured
  • Create config to show/hide featured VM items


  • link to the user's art


  • Display image unavailable if no image exsits
  • Display only published products
  • Only return 1 item from the shop. This is controlled in the output.
  • Fix wrong titles being displayed


  • Stop processing VM functions if no matching manufacturer is found
  • Stop processing VM functions if no matching products are found for the manufacturer


  • Added products based on matching manufacturer. That took ages!
  • Trim about me info


  • Items in shop is now plural or not based on number
  • Changed template
  • show products titles


  • Match the users name with the name of a manufacturer SEF name using all lower case, alphanumberic only and dashes instead of spaces
  • Output the number of products a user has in the shop
  • add link to manufacturer page (used manufacturer product list instead of actual manufacturer page)


  • get the user information from the owner of a gallery item
  • add link to portfolio page
  • add link to episode. This is based on information within the user's profile which is to be filled out manually by an administrator.
  • send the user a message from the module with a popup
  • conditionally show fields based on what information is set (not finished)


  • add a config to look up a specifc user
  • give options to set source of userid
  • show message if no profile is found


  • get user location
  • get the user name
  • link back to the user profile page
  • get user avatar at thumbnail size
  • get about me information
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