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Yii extension for generating Sitemaps
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The project brings the sitemap generator based on the website crawler. It is made for Yii 1.1.x. Was not tested and not intended to work on 2.x It is related on PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser ( More about sitemaps:

How To use

To use the generator, add the SitemapComponent.php to your protected/components Copy the php-dom folder to protected/vendors (or download the newest version from the project website). Add configuration following in the protected/config/console.php:

      //sample exclude the wp-* folders, if we also host w WordPress blog,
      //and don't want to include this URLS to the sitemaps.

To run the sitemap generation run:


The parameters are explained in the comments in the code. The sample configuration file and command is attached with the project.


Add the last modification date to the sitemap.

Add urlencoding

Add Escapes of characters: & ' " < >

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