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Application to manage IP devices on a network, and configuring ISC DHCP while at it, designed for IP phones but useful for any device

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IP Administrator is an application to manage ip devices, specially IP phones on the networks that connects to. 

Given a network address to which it is physically connected it will send arping requests to each ip address on that subnet unless limited by the range start and range end options

Arping on your system
tested with 1.8.7 Rails 2.3x, MySQL
Recent version of ISC DHCPd Server (if you want IP Administrator to manage your dhcpd.config)
mechanize 0.9.3
a passwordless sudo enabled account, 

1) Setup your sudo config
$sudo visudo
#add this to the bottom of your file
ip_admin ALL=(root) /usr/bin/arping  #or whatever your arping route is

2) download the package to some path on your system

3) define some defaults into your app_config.yml file

#add this account name to your RAILS_ROOT/config/app_config.yml file
APP_CONFIG[:pwdless_user] = ip_admin

#create a directory where the system writes each subnet config file
sudo mkdir /etc/dhcpd

#give your user ownership of this dir
sudo chown -R ip_admin /etc/dhcpd

#let ip administrator know about it
APP_CONFIG[:dhcpd_dir] = /etc/dhcpd

#add this to let rails know where is your arping
APP_CONFIG[:arping_path] = /usr/bin/arping

#depending on your configuration you might need to run rails as root if you do it then
APP_CONFIG[:run_as_root] = true

#let ISC DHCPd know about the config by adding the following line to dhcpd.conf
include "/etc/dhcpd/dhcp_subnets";

$rake db:migrate #to setup the database

app is simple enough to run using just webrick but you could use it under any other setup such as thin, mongrel, passenger



Arping will not ping itself so no mac address information is available on the host it is running


Passwordless sudo
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