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This is the README for SpringStatsViewer

SpringStatsViewer is a small program that
allows you to view the player statistics
and graphs you normally get to see at the
end of the game without having to replay
the whole game.

To use it, you must have a working python
installation with working tkinter and Tix
modules. The standard python distribution for
2.7 on Windows includes it.

No installer is provided, so here are the

Place the 2 .py files contained in the archive
on your filesystem and simply do on the command

python (Windows - with console)
pythonw (Windows - no console)

or, alternatively, make a shortcut, so it uses
the Spring Demo file directory as current directory.
Python is included in my standard search path, you may
have to prepend a path to the python and/or pythonw

For Linux (untested), you can do the same or
do 'chmod +x' once and you
can run it as any other executable.

If all is well, you should get a nice big window
with a menu at the top and a black background.
Select a demo file on your filesystem (for me they
live in 'Documents/My Games/Spring/demos')

The current version is 0.1, which means
that it is somewhat immature but workable.
For instance, there are issues with games 
that include bots (including Chickens).

Also, it is currently only tested on
Python 2.7.2, Windows 7 and only on Zero-K
games, but it might just work on any other platform 
with a graphical interface as no obvious platform
dependencies were introduced.

Have fun.

Rene van 't Veen