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Click-Through Rate Prediction with the User Memory Network

If you use this code, please cite the following paper:

  • Wentao Ouyang, Xiuwu Zhang, Shukui Ren, Li Li, Zhaojie Liu, Yanlong Du. 2019. Click-Through Rate Prediction with the User Memory Network. In DLP-KDD. ACM.

TensorFlow (TF) version



ft - feature, slot == field

Data Preparation

Data is in the "csv" format, where each row contains an instance.
Assume there are N unique fts. Fts need to be indexed from 1 to N. Use 0 for missing values or for padding.

We categorize fts as i) one-hot or univalent (e.g., user id, city) and ii) mul-hot or multivalent (e.g., words in ad title).

csv data format

  • <label><one-hot fts><mul-hot fts>

We also need to define the max number of features per mul-hot ft slot (through the "max_len_per_slot" parameter) and perform trimming or padding accordingly. Please refer to the following example for more detail.


  1. original fts (ft_name:ft_value)
  • label:0, gender:male, age:27, query:apple, title:apple, title:fruit, title:fresh
  • label:1, gender:female, age:35, query:shoes, query:winter, title:shoes, title:winter, title:warm, title:sales
  1. csv fts (not converted to ft index yet)
  • 0, male, 27, apple, 0, 0, apple, fruit, fresh
  • 1, female, 35, shoes, winter, 0, shoes, winter, warm


csv format settings:
n_one_hot_slot = 2 # num of one-hot ft slots (gender, age)
n_mul_hot_slot = 2 # num of mul-hot ft slots (query, title)
max_len_per_slot = 3 # max num of fts per mul-hot ft slot

For the first instance, the mul-hot ft slot "query" contains only 1 ft "apple". We thus pad (max_len_per_slot - 1) zeros, resulting in "apple, 0, 0".
For the second instance, the mul-hot ft slot "title" contains 4 fts. We thus only keep the first max_len_per_slot fts.

Source Code

  • -- config file
  • -- functions
  • -- DNN model for click-through rate prediction
  • -- Deep memory network model for click-through rate prediction
  • -- Wide & Deep model for click-through rate prediction
  • -- Wide & Deep model with user memory network unit for click-through rate prediction
  • -- Training script for deep memory network, and you can train other models by modifing this script

Run the Code

First revise the config file, and then run the code

nohup python > [output_file_name] 2>&1 &


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