This package should not write to the console. #14

ohjames opened this Issue Jul 18, 2014 · 3 comments

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Most applications wouldn't want your errors displayed to their user's consoles... in my case the application we're using needs to monitor the "error" level logs in order to notify people of serious errors. Your use of "console.error" is very problematic for that.

Maybe provide some error event that the user can hook into to log the errors themselves if they really want it?


Or at least using "console.warn" instead would be slightly less difficult.


There is not a single call to any console-function in the current version. Furthermore, you get any possible errors as a parameter in the callback to any of the functions (c.f. example code in the readme).

@reneraab reneraab closed this Jul 19, 2014

Sorry about that, I mistook you for the other node-twitter-api (the one that's node-twitter-api on github but twitter-api in the npm registry).

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