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Gives names to colors

npm install colornamify
Also available as a Visual Studio Code Extension!

Short Description

There are only two real problems in computer science: Naming things, cache invalidation, and off-by-one errors. colornamify aims to partially solve problems[0] by giving names to to RGB colors.


colornamify expects an object containing r, g and b attributes, ranging from 0 to 255. It will return a string with an all lowercase color name.

const colornamify = require('colornamify')
let color = {
  r: 65,
  g: 45,
  b:  0,
let name = colornamify(color)
// name now contains 'zanzibar'


  • We are currently at 6691 unique color names, yay!
  • Invalid input will return null and not throw an error.
  • Lookups will be cached for performance.
  • Library uses a naive searching algorithm.
  • Self-contained, needs no dependencies.
  • Conversion between or accepting different color formats is not in the scope - various solutions already exist for this.
  • Color names are taken from many sources, check the comments in colors.js
  • With the exception of the default CSS named colors, the value of a color is not guaranteed to match the source from which the name is taken. This means do not use this library to precisely identify colors.


  • Check if we can use a more performant algorithm for lookup.


Big "Thank You!" goes out to Chirag Mehta whose work gave me some great ideas on my search for color naming solutions.