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Learn R as a programming language
R C++
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Kun Ren

This book will bring you to the world of statistical computing and data analysis with R programming language.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a user with experience, this book is intended for everyone who wishes to systematically learn and understand the R programming language to be applied in statistics, econometrics, machine learning, financial computing, data processing, and visualization.

This book contains both introductory and advanced materials for R. Now that there are already countless books on applied R in many fields, this book will focus on the programming language aspect and try to help you better understand its design and constructs so that you can write elegant and robust R code with greater confidence.

Although the contents are delivered with some applications, they are mostly not real-world cases but only demonstrative examples for you to better understand the materials. For practical applications, please review the book list above and build your reading list.

R is a powerful programming language and an environment for statistical computing, dataset exploration, analysis, and visualization. It is free, open-source and has a strong, rapidly growing community where users and developers share experience and actively contribute to the development of more than 6000 packages.

Notice: This book is an in-progress work and the contents are changing over time.

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