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@PiotrZierhoffer PiotrZierhoffer released this Oct 22, 2020 · 36 commits to master since this release

For installation instructions, see the README.


  • support for generating execution metrics, covering information like executed instructions count, memory and peripheral accesses, and interrupt handling
  • infrastructure for reporting supported CPU features to GDB
  • tests for Icicle Kit with PolarFire SoC
  • --debug-on-error option for renode-test allowing interactive debugging of failed Robot tests
  • lastLog Monitor command displaying n last log messages
  • currentTime monitor command with information about elapsed host and virtual time
  • WriteLine UART helper method to feed strings from the Monitor or scripts
  • support for non-base RISC-V instruction sets disassembly
  • support for custom Robot test results listeners
  • support for Python-based implementation of (stateful) custom CSRs and custom instructions in RISC-V
  • option to control RISC-V CSR access validation level interactively
  • dummy support for data cache flush instruction in VexRiscv
  • 64-bit decrementer support in PowerPC
  • nRF82540 RTC model
  • STM32F4 RTC model
  • STM32F4 RCC stub model
  • unified timer model for STM32F4 and STM32L1 platforms
  • support for ATAPI CD-ROM
  • burst read support in OpenCores I2C


  • time flow settings in Icicle Kit script now ensure full determinism
  • all testers (for UART, LED, network, sysbus accesses and log messages) now rely on virtual time instead of host time and accept floating point timeouts
  • portable package now includes requirements.txt file
  • skipped tests do not generate save files anymore
  • Clear Monitor command does not remove current working directory from searched paths
  • WFI handling in RISC-V is simplified, improving performance on sleepy systems
  • translation block fetch logger messages are now logged with Info instead of Debug level
  • Cortex-M CPUs now reports their registers to GDB
  • several infrastructural changes in the PCI subsystem
  • STM32L1 oscillators are now all reported as ready


  • Renode logo appearing in UART analyzer windows when running without Monitor
  • logs not being fully written out when terminating Renode
  • keyboard event detection in framebuffer window when no pointer device is attached
  • crash when the logger console reports width equal to 0
  • crash of ad-hoc compilation on Renode portable. Note that this still requires a C# compiler to be available on the host system
  • crash when connecting GDB with the first core not being connected
  • occasional crash when providing incorrect CLI arguments
  • invalid disassembly of 64-bit RISC-V instructions
  • crash on machine reset when using custom CSRs in RISC-V
  • handling of multi-byte reads in LiteX I2C model
  • handling of images with unaligned size in USB pen drive
  • invalid LED connections in STM32F4
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