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Renode 1.13.2

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@PiotrZierhoffer PiotrZierhoffer released this 03 Oct 12:03
· 133 commits to master since this release

For installation instructions, see the README.

Added platforms:

  • Ambiq Apollo4 with ADC, GPIO, IO Master, System Timer, RTC, UART and other peripherals
  • STM32L07x with ADC, GPIO, I2C ,RTC, SPI, Timer, USART, IWDG, DMA and other peripherals (RCC)
  • verilated Ibex core with the rest of the platform natively in Renode

Added models:

  • MAX32650 TPU with CRC32 support
  • basic support for MAX32650 ADC
  • MAX32650 SPI
  • MAX32650 Watchdog
  • EFR32xG12DeviceInformation
  • External CPU stub as a base for integration of other CPU simulators
  • OpenTitan SPI host
  • OpenTitan I2C host
  • OpenTitan Alert Handler, along with updates to other OpenTitan peripherals with alert functionality
  • new algorithms and cores in AthenaX5200
  • EFR32MG1 BitAccess
  • i.MX RT GPTimer

Added demos and tests:

  • STM32L072 Zephyr shell_module demo and test
  • Ambiq Apollo4 Hello World example from Ambiq Suite and various peripheral tests
  • MAX32652 EVKIT Hello World example from MAX32652 SDK
  • FPGA ISP co-simulation demo and test

Added features:

  • experimental support for .NET 6 framework
  • guest-application profiling for ARM
  • Interrupt hooks for ARM
  • BLE sniffer support for Wireshark
  • Perfetto profiler format support in guest-application profiling, along with process detection on RISC-V
  • binary output format of execution tracer, along with a Python helper script to decode data
  • new Run Until Breakpoint keyword for Robot tests
  • verbose mode in Robot tester
  • region of interest support in FrameBufferTester
  • framework for providing timestamped sensor data
  • WishboneInitiator bus in Verilator support
  • nightly “sources” package with the whole content required for building Renode offline

Organizational improvements:


  • added mapping for l2ZeroDevice in PolarFire SoC
  • added caching of canvas bounds in TermSharp for improved performance
  • restructured height map storage in TermSharp
  • updated descriptions of SLTB004A and EFR32MG12 targets
  • restructured CPU-related class hierarchy
  • disabled TCG optimizations and liveness analysis for improved performance
  • updated OpenTitan supported version, changing a range of OpenTitan peripherals
  • major refactor of VerilatorIntegrationLibrary, with new interfaces and code restructuration
  • updated symbol exclusion rules not to include $x symbol names in SymbolLookup
  • disabled TLB flushing in RISC-V on mode change for improved performance
  • allowed more than one page permission at a time in RISC-V, reducing the number of address translations
  • improved output of Robot tests with timestamps and explicit test results after each suite
  • SD card controller now supports more card types


  • PMP implementation for RISC-V
  • several RISC-V vector instructions including floating-point vector instructions
  • 'Take Screenshot' button in VideoAnalyzer
  • non-blocking CPU stepping
  • crash when loading file without sufficient permissions
  • external MMU not respecting the no_page_fault flag
  • issues with concurrent creation of config file
  • indeterminism of sel4_extensions test
  • GDB Stub not issuing an error when trying to add zero-sized watchpoint
  • handling of watchpoints on big-endian platforms
  • portability of MSBuild calls across different host systems
  • PolarFire SoC Watchdog test
  • serialization of FrameBufferTester
  • translation cache flushing after reset

Improvements in peripherals:

  • Cortex-M NVIC
  • HPSHostController
  • NRF52840 Watchdog
  • BMC050 accelerometer
  • MAX32650 RTC
  • MAX32650 GCR
  • STM32F7 I2C
  • STM32G0 DMA
  • Micron MT25Q
  • i.MX RT GPIO