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This is a minor release for version 1.4. For installation instructions, see the README.


  • debug mode in RISC-V, masking interrupts and ignoring WFI when connected via GDB
  • installer file for Windows
  • GPIO controller for STM32F103, with other improvements to the platform file
  • PWM, I2C and SPI peripherals for HiFive Unleashed
  • tests for HiFive Unleashed
  • configuration option to always add machine name in logs
  • test scripts when installing Renode from a package on Linux


  • changed gksu dependency to pkexec, as Ubuntu does not provide gksu anymore
  • virtual time of machines created after some time is synchronized with other machines
  • improved Vector Table Offset guessing when loading ELF files on ARM Cortex-M CPUs
  • extended capabilities of some Robot keywords
  • changed the way peripheral names are resolved in logs, so that they don't disappear when removing the emulation


  • support for writing 64-bit registers from GDB
  • crash when trying to connect to a nonexisting interrupt
  • GDB access to Cortex-M registers
  • some fixes in EFR32_USART