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@PiotrZierhoffer PiotrZierhoffer released this Sep 2, 2019 · 31 commits to master since this release

For installation instructions, see the README.


  • support for RI5CY core and the VEGA board
  • UART and timer models for RI5CY
  • support for Minerva, a 32-bit RISC-V soft CPU
  • LiteX with Minerva platform
  • LiteX with VexRiscv on Arty platform
  • SPI, Control and Status, SPI Flash and GPIO port peripheral models for LiteX
  • PSE_PDMA peripheral model for the PolarFire SoC platform
  • basic slave mode support in PSE_I2C
  • EtherBone bridge model to connect Renode with FPGA via EtherBone
  • EtherBone bridge demo on Fomu
  • RTCC and GPCRC peripheral models for EFR32
  • support for deep sleep on Cortex-M cores
  • option of bundling Renode as an ELF executable on Linux


  • GDB server is now started from the machine level instead of cpu and is able to handle multiple cores at once
  • renamed SetLossRangeWirelessFunction to SetRangeLossWirelessFunction
  • LiteX Ethernet now supports the MDIO interface
  • updated memory map for several EFR32 platforms
  • changed the interrupt handling of EFR32_USART
  • several changes in Ethernet PHY
  • switch is now started immediately after creation
  • the Monitor (and other mechanisms) now uses caching, increasing its performance
  • Robot tests are now part of packages
  • Robot tests no longer cause the Monitor telnet server to start automatically
  • REPL files now accept multiline strings delimited with triple apostrophe
  • UART analyzers are writing to the Renode log when running from Robot
  • simplified command line switches for running Robot tests
  • some Robot keywords (e.g. LogToFile) are not saved between related tests


  • compilation of verilated peripheral classes in Windows (backported to 1.7.1 package)
  • determinism of SAM E70 tests
  • crash when using logLevel command with --hide-log switch
  • ad-hoc compiler behavior in Windows
  • crash on too short Ethernet packets
  • byte read behavior in NS16550
  • auto update behavior of PSE_Timer
  • connection mode when running the Monitor via telnet
  • deserialization of SerializableStreamView
  • crash when completing interrupts in PLIC when no interrupt is pending
  • Renode startup position on Windows with desktop scaling enabled
  • fence.* operation decoding in RISC-V
  • invalid size reported by SD card
  • crash when trying to set the same log file twice
  • compilation issues on GCC 9
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