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This tool makes it easy to slice a sample from within the pattern editor. Use it to remix and re-arrange existing (rendered) songs, or to extract snippets.


  • Automatically track position in waveform, even with tuned/transposed slices
  • The current position can be visualized in the waveform editor (updates selection)
  • Supports the use of delay column for precisely triggered/inserted notes


Download the tool from the Renoise tool page, and double-click or drag the xrnx file on top of the Renoise window to install.

The tool can be launched in a number of ways:

  • From the Renoise Tools menu > SliceMate
  • From the supplied MIDI and keyboard shortcuts (search for 'SliceMate')

How to use

  • Load up some (long) sample and enter it into the pattern
  • Position the cursor somewhere in the 'trail' and hit slice
  • If sample settings are compatible, a new slice/note is inserted
  • Move cursor somewhere else, repeat and rinse

The user interface

The user interface is organized into a number of panels:

Status/options panel

The topmost part is showing the current instrument name:

  • Instrument name: show the name of the detected instrument (if any)
  • Warning triangle: shown if the tool has detected any problems.
  • Detach: click this button to detach the instrument editor

Below, some more detailed information:

  • "Slice": shows you which slice is currently selected
  • "Pos": shows you the frame (position in sample) of the slice and/or root sample

Click the small 'gear' button to show tool options:

  • "Auto-start tool": will launch the tool when Renoise starts/on a new song
  • "Show UI on auto-start": will display the dialog when auto-starting

Navigation panel

  • Left/right arrows: allows you to navigate between columns and tracks
  • Previous/next buttons: detect and move cursor to other notes in the song

Slice panel

This panel contains options for the slicing process.

  • Insert note: inserts a note in the pattern every time the sample is sliced
  • Quantize note: make sure notes are always on a line [1]
  • Propagate VOL/PAN: when inserting a note, use the volume and panning from the previous one

[1]: You can record non-quantized ("precise") sliced notes by disabling this feature. Do the slicing while playing, with the pattern-editor cursor set to follow playback.

These options deal with selections, as the cursor position changes:

  • Auto-select instrument
  • Auto-select in sample list
  • Auto-select in waveform

Note: if any if these options are enabled, the tool will track pattern contains as you navigate around the song (this is the default choice). If you want to do this manually, de-select them all and use the 'Select' button.


The tool can only work with samples that are configured like this

  • Auto-seek: ON, Beat-sync: OFF
  • No pitch modulation (not allowed when auto-seeked)

The tool will tell you if any of the above conditions are not met.

Also, the tool is not able to reliably track the position if you are

  • Using commands to modify the song tempo (BPM and LPB)
  • Using commands sample playback (e.g. 0Bxx/reverse)

Finally, the tool does not support slicing looped samples. You can use the tool with such samples, but once the playback reaches the loop end-point, slicing is no longer possible (you should receive an error message if you try).