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Universal dependency update automation tool that fits into your workflows.
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Automated dependency updates. Multi-platform and multi-language.

License: AGPL v3 codecov Renovate enabled

Why Use Renovate?

  • Receive automated Pull Requests whenever dependencies need updating.
  • Define schedules to avoid unnecessary noise in projects (e.g. for weekends or outside of working hours, or weekly updates, etc)
  • Relevant package files are discovered automatically (e.g. supports monorepo architecture such as lerna or yarn workspaces without further configuration)
  • Bot behaviour is extremely customisable via configuration files (config as code)
  • Use eslint-like shared config presets for ease of use and simplifying configuration
  • Lock files are natively supported and updated in the same commit, including immediately resolving conflicts whenever PRs are merged
  • Supports GitHub (.com and Enterprise), GitLab (.com and CE/EE), Bitbucket Server, and Azure DevOps. Bitbucket Cloud is also supported but considered in Beta until it gets the thumbs-up from more users
  • Open source (installable via npm/yarn or Docker Hub) so can be self-hosted or used via GitHub App

Who Uses Renovate?

Renovate was released in 2017 and already is widely used in the developer community, including:

Renovate Matrix

The Renovate Approach

  • We believe everyone can benefit from automation, whether it's a little or a lot
  • Renovate should not cause you to change your workflow against your wishes, instead it should be adaptable to your existing workflow
  • All behaviour should be configurable, down to a ridiculous level if necessary
  • Autodetect settings wherever possible (to minimise configuration) but always allow overrides

Using Renovate

The easiest way to use Renovate if you are hosted on or is to install the hosted Renovate app.

For GitHub, go to to install it now. A GitHub Marketplace plan is required only for private repositories. More details on the GitHub App installation.

For GitLab, log into for a convenient way to add Renovate Bot to your project. Currently the GitLab app is free for both public and private repositories. More details on the GitLab App installation.


Visit for documentation, and in particular for a list of configuration options.

You can also raise an issue in if you'd like to get your config reviewed or ask any questions.


If you are not on or, or you prefer to run your own instance of Renovate then you have several options:

  • Install the renovate CLI tool from npmjs, run it on a schedule (e.g. using cron)
  • Run the renovate/renovate Docker Hub image (same content/versions as the CLI tool), run it on a schedule
  • Run the renovate/renovate:slim Docker Hub image if you only use package managers that don't need third party binaries (e.g. JS, Docker, Nuget, pip)

More details on the self-hosting development.


If you would like to contribute to Renovate or get a local copy running for some other reason, please see the instructions in .github/

Security / Disclosure

If you discover any important bug with Renovate that may pose a security problem, please disclose it confidentially to first, so that it can be assessed and hopefully fixed prior to being exploited. Please do not raise GitHub issues for security-related doubts or problems.

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