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@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ Once it's running and initialized, the quickest way to testing with Renovate is:
1. Create the admin user as prompted
2. Create a new project and a repository for that project
3. Make sure the repository has a package file in it for Renovate to find, e.g. `.nvmrc` or `package.json`
4. Create a dedicated REnovate user `@renovate-bot` and grant it write access to the project
4. Create a dedicated Renovate user `@renovate-bot` and grant it write access to the project
5. Note down the password for `@renovate-bot` and use it in the Renovate CLI

At this point you should have a project ready for Renovate, and the `@renovate-bot` account ready to run on it. You can then run like this:

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