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Trade BTC, ZEC, BCH ⟷ DAI trustlessly
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💱 ChaosDEX

Trade BTC, ZEC, BCH ⟷ DAI trustlessly.

Powered by RenVM and the RenVM.js SDK. To get started using the SDK, read the Developer Docs or the Getting Started Tutorial.


Run locally

This will run against testnet.

cd ethereum-contracts
yarn install
yarn run bindings:ts
cd ../
cd react-client
yarn install
NETWORK="testnet" yarn start

If it throws Can't resolve './build/Release/scrypt', run:

rm -r node_modules/scrypt


After running the above commands, cd into react-client.

Copy into .env, and fill in the Ethereum Node (first line) and optionally the Sentry DSN:



Deploy to Github Pages:

yarn deploy
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