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RenPyWeb - Ren'Py in your HTML5 web browser

This is the build environment for RenPyWeb.

How to build

  • Install emscripten 1.38.30 and apply patches/emscripten.patch. You can use for this.

  • Adapt and source it

  • Type: make

How to run locally

  • Firefox: double-click on build/t/index.html

  • Firefox or Chromium:

      cd build/t/
      python3 -m http.server 8000
      chromium http://localhost:8000/

ASMJS version

Use asmjs.html instead of index.html.

ASMJS is deprecated in favor of WebAssembly. It can be used for older browsers, but it is most useful as a debugging tool because WASM sometimes fails to provide enough information.

How to make small-scale tests

Check the pygame-example-* targets. Symlink pygame-example/ to the variant you wish to experiment with.

Also check the native target to try to run Ren'Py natively with some Emscripten behavior.

How to make the devkit

make devkit

How to update Ren'Py

cd build/renpy/
quilt pop -a
git stash
git pull
git checkout ...
git stash pop
git diff > .../patches/renpy_TOSPLIT-xxx.patch
quilt push / quilt refresh

Edit scripts/ and update the Git commit or tag accordingly.


RenPyWeb could be faster.

Whenever RenPyWeb takes too much time for certain actions, the browser just waits for it at the cost of slightly freezing the game or breaking the audio stream (for audio, a larger buffer/latency was used as a temporary work-around).

When we say "certain actions", this can be running background tasks such as sound decoding, image prediction and autosave; or complex tasks like rendering a detailed Screen.

In desktop/mobile Ren'Py, background tasks are run in threads. However the browser's JavaScript and WebAssembly are mono-threaded; those background tasks need to be done along with rendering the current frame, causing random delays.

In addition, normally your computer runs the game and let it do what it wants until it quits. However the browser only gives control to the game to render a single image - and the game needs to give control back as soon as possible, ideally 60 times per second. Ren'Py's main loop is strongly recursive, and cannot be interrupted without rewriting half of Ren'Py. We were able to add specific stop/resume points using the Emterpreter technology, at the cost of performances in Python. Complex tasks hence take longer.

To fix this, we need full threading support in the browser, so we can run Ren'Py in a thread without interrupting it (so we can ditch Emterpreter and reclaim perfs), and run background tasks in their own threads (so they don't block execution and cause delay - plus fix other shortcomings such as video support).

Full threading support in the browser requires:

  • Worker: present in modern browsers

  • SharedArrayBuffer: present in Chrome, present but disabled by default in Firefox

  • pthread emulation: to mimic thread by running 2 separate Worker apps with all the memory in SharedArrayBuffer, while proxying text and graphic output to the main thread; in progress

  • threaded version of the SDL2/OpenGL stack as ported to Emscripten; not started AFAIK

If you have suggestions, feel free to file a bug report :)

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