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Neav UI



  • Just a addon for create easy and cool border, does nothing by itself, but a lot of the addons in this ui pack need it


  • This addon change the default manabar color to be more blue (not so extreme dark blue like the default manabarcolor) and a function for a better coloring of friendly/hostile/enemy units. This addon can cause some errors, just ignore this or remove it.


  • A lightweight buff addon. It modify the standard buffframe.

  • Size and Scale of the Buff and Debuff button can be changed

  • The space between the buffs can be changed
  • Clean and simple look
  • Rightclick to cancle buff works (because this is the standard bufframe)
  • Debuff border are more visible
  • Buff duration inside the buff icons


  • A lightweight chat addon. It modify the standard chatframe.

  • Modify the chattabs

  • More choosable fontsizes
  • Remove chatbuttons
  • Whispertarget and URL Copy include
  • Rightclick on the tab > CopyChat, ChatLog and CombatLog
  • Better mousewheel scrolling + to bottom scroll button
  • Shorter channel names
  • More Channel stickies
  • Editbox on the top of the chat
  • Hyperlink mouseover
  • Optional disable chatfade
  • Optional outline font


  • A addon with some tweaks I want..

  • Alt+click to buy an stack of an Item (vendor)

  • Simple coords on the worldmap
  • Durability and helmet/cloak toggle button on the character frame
  • Spell IDs on the tooltips
  • Move the raidwarning some pixel to the top
  • !Beautycase skin module for omen/recount etc.
  • Change some client fonts
  • Remove the pesky error frame (not enough energy etc.)
  • Make the WatchFrame moveable


  • My shorter blizzbar

  • Hides Bag and MicroMenu buttons

  • Skins the buttons
  • Shapeshiftbar and Petbar is moveable
  • Enable Mouseover bars
  • ... and many more ;)


  • A small Minimap addon

  • Square minimap

  • Hides all Minimap buttons
  • Make some buttons simplier
  • Drawer on the top or bottom of the minimap to see guild and friendlist
  • Mouseover zonetext (hold shift when hover the minimap to prevent these)
  • Mouseover instance difficulty text
  • Minimap Clock: Addon and latency into on mouseover
  • Minimap Clock: MicroMenu on leftclick
  • Mousewheel zooming


  • A nameplate addon

  • Add a new border to the nameplates

  • Make some Layout changes
  • Add mobhealth to the nameplates


  • A simple powerbar with deathknight runes and combopoints


  • A simple, fast and lightweight tooltip addon

  • Player titles are hideable

  • Healthbar inside the tooltip (default coloring, custom coloring or reaction coloring)
  • Optional health text
  • Optional tooltip target
  • Optional pvp icons
  • Optional unit role icon
  • Optional Realm name abbreviating
  • Optional itemquality border coloring
  • Optional reaction border coloring
  • Raidtarget icons for tooltip unit and its target


  • oUF layout

  • Look and feel of the standard unitframes

  • Support Player, Pet, Target, TargetTarget, Focus, FocusTarget, Party, Boss and Arena units
  • Support castbars for Player, Pet, Target and Focus
  • High customizable
  • oUF_Vengeance support
  • oUF_SwingTimer support
  • oUF_CombatFeedback support
  • oUF_Smooth support


  • oUF layout

  • Shows health deficit (if health is below 95%)

  • Heal prediction support
  • Healing indicators for all classes.
  • Healing indicators have a "cooldown spiral" for duration.
  • Debuff / Bufficon with Debuffcoloring and Timer
  • Debuff / Bufffilter customizeable
  • Mouse-over highlight (darkening the color when hovering over a frame).
  • Optional Mana bars
  • Abrev names with special character support
  • Threat highlight
  • Optional Threat text
  • Optional Maintank icon
  • Optional Afk and Offline timer
  • Optional Role indicator
  • Optional playertarget border
  • oUF_Smooth support
  • oUF_AuraWatch support
  • oUF_SpellRange support
  • Horizontal and vertical ortientation of the health or manabar
  • added a /rm command for raidmarkers (topleft ot the screen)

Known issues

  • Sometimes, the quest area overlay on the world map gets blocked from showing if you open the map while in combat. This is a generally problem and blizzs fault.
  • !Colorz cause an ui-block-error (not lua error!), because we change the value of a global table, ignore this or delete PowerBarColor['MANA'] = {r = 0/255, g = 0.55, b = 1} in the !Colorz.lua file.

Plans For The Future

  • nCore module for open all mails (and ignore mails with COD).


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