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Release of Shoes 2.0.0 (Raisins)


Release of Shoes 3.0.0 (Policeman)


As near as possible the official Shoes 2 Raisins release.
Corresponds to r1134. The builds that were distributed to each platform. Note that the Raisins verison name was still used for 6 commits after this one making rev 1140 (commit 443271f) the last Raisins checkin for the source code, before the Policeman name was used. However, no builds were ever produced for any of these commits.


Revise lib/shoes/pack.rb to package your Shoes app as .shy format file.
ps. Need to do more hacking to make .exe and .run and .dmg format files.

Shoes' first named release has arrived. Since July 30th of last year, builds have been trickling out every couple of weeks. Nearly 400 checkins have been logged since that time and 69 tickets have been closed.

Big thanks to the Shoes mailing list who have been using Shoes, sharing their works, and tossing around ideas with me for the past few months!

The second release of Shoes (called "Raisins" by many) is a culmination of a year of feature-filled additions to the first, experimental release of Shoes (titled "Curious".)

This release adds a built-in manual, an error console, RubyGems integration, simple asynchronous downloads, an in-memory and database-backed image cache, support for external fonts, and, most prominently, its own unique library for packaging apps into little executables. OS X support is significantly better, as we switched from Carbon to Cocoa.

Shoes' artistic endeavors also improved, with new methods for creating raster images from shapes, applying effects (like gaussian blurs, drop shadows and glows) to canvases, and bundling many shapes up into a single shape object.
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